Welcome. My name is David Ferguson and this a web page about me and the work I have done. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a master's degree in robotics. On this website you can see pictures and videos and read about various projects that I have worked on.

About Me

I attended Johns Hopkins University where I studied mechanical engineering focusing in controls and robotics (and minoring in Physics). In college I had the opportunity to work in a lab focused on haptics research looking into the role of contact information in human perception. As part of a senior capstone project I developed a miniature actuator for a softball sized robot. For graduate school I wanted to continue my study of robotics and knew that there was no better place than Carnegie Mellon University. I was accepted into their masters program where I was surrounded by fellow cutting edge roboticists working on a wide variety of projects. I continued my focus on controls, studying autonomous vehicles. I worked with Red Whitaker on his latest challenge to put a robot on the moon, as well as a project developing autonomous systems for orchards. In the summer of 2010, I graduated with a master’s degree in robotics. I am now living in Philadelphia with my long-time girlfriend who is a second year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University.