Featured Activities


Here are a few things I do.


During the summer of 2007 my twin brother and I decided we wanted to build a full-sized four person arcade cabinet setup. After doing some research we drew up CAD drawings and designs of what we wanted to build. We decided to use an old computer we had lying around to power the machine. We bought components and wood to construct the arcade and set to work. After we built it, we painted it, created and printed artwork for it, and designed the computer interface. You can see a pictures of it below.


The summer after constructing the arcade we decided we needed to build something else. We settled on the idea of a Jukebox. Drawing inspiration from a project at work, we decided to build it in an art deco style. We decided to make it more interesting by using an embedded computer with a touch screen and colored lights that flashed with the music. We once again designed it in CAD, bought the electronics, then wired and constructed it out of wood and plexiglass.


I started fencing freshman year of high school. I had no idea what fencing was at the time but quickly fell in love. Previously I played chess competitively for several years but had lost interest. I tried other sports but never found anything that clicked. Fencing combined the best aspects of chess and other sports by being both physically and mentally demanding. I joined my high school team and three years later as captain helped them win the city championship, as well as my personally earning the fencing Heissman trophy. In college I became captain of my team and helped the team set new records. You can check up on the team at the Blue Jays website. Today I still fence competitively on the national circuit. During my fencing career I have done well at a number of events. A few of them that I am most proud of are:

  • 1st place Pomme de Terre Unrated
  • Division III National Champion 2004
  • 33rd Division I North American Circuit
  • 2nd place Temple Open '06, '07, '08
  • 13th NCAA Fencing Championships


This is me at the Pomme De Terre in 2003. My first big win. On my left is Paul Nunley who unbeknownst to me would be my future Hopkins teammate.